Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Download Winning Eleven 9

Ironically in Indonesia, the popular video game is actually not the original version released by Konami as listed below, but a modified version of the patch by some cracker Indonesia, so comes the versions WE are "populist" as Premier Bank independent, Tiger Cup, Champions League, World Cup, the last WE 10 ^ 16, as for the WE 234 ^ 3 and so on are known by various levels of Indonesian society who enjoyed football.

As for the name-pseudonym successful in getting from all of the contents of the WE games that circulate in Indonesia as follows:

1. WO's
2. Central Star Mangga Dua
3. Oren's games
4. Voltus games
5. Cijerah
6. Kopo
7. game Shop
8. OXA Games
9. Pagarsih
10. pearl
11. Crash SMD Cimalaka
12. Febry Game
13. MSG Depok
14. Game stores

Possible names of fictitious maker WE Indonesia only a few people.

Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer was released as in Europe, Australia and North America.

But this time I will provide Winning Eleven 9 Download Free Portable PCs which can be downloaded with a fairly small capacity of only 300 MB compared to the original version. To Download Winning Eleven 11 will do what I can look for it again. If you are interested in downloading silahakan click the link below

Download Winning Eleven 9 (300MB)

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